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Wash Away Fluffy, Fine Facial Hairs with DMK's Alkaline Hair Removal

DMK’s Alkaline wash is here to liberate your skin. Are you ready for soft, smooth, silky skin?

Wash away the fine, downy hair (vellus hair or peach fuzz) from your lips, chin and side of your face and say hello to softer, more even looking skin.

Alkaline Hair Removal is fast becoming one of our most popular hair removal treatments. Instant results, pain-free and slows down hair growth permanently.

First time Alkaline Treatment

45 minutes | $150

Half Face

30 mins | $130

Sides of Face

30 mins | $100


15 mins | $70

An Effective hair removal procedure to remove fluffy fine facial hair (peach fuzz), the alkaline wash softens, swells and dissolves unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells. 

Alkaline wash can remove large areas of hair in one treatment without discomfort. As treatments progress the hair regrowth rate will become slower and the hair will weaken; resulting in permanent hair reduction. 

Alkaline wash not only reduces the fine vellus hairs but also resurfaces the skin which means we have some non-negotiable home care products that must be purchased and used to obtain the best results. These home care products include DMK's incredible EFAs, Beta Gel, Herb and Mineral Mist and Contraderm. 

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