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Meet our team of Skin, Dermal & Beauty Therapists.

We’re a collective of multi-passionate women, committed to being part of your holistic health, wellness, self-care and self-love journey.

Never complacent. We believe you deserve the very best in skin & beauty. So, we commit ourselves to evolving – growing gracefully – getting better with age. Listening & learning – bringing you tried & trusted products, new treatments & techniques & lasting skin & beauty solutions.

Kate Lester - Founder & Dermal Therapist | Body Beautiful Retreat | Brisbane

Kate Lester – Founder & Dermal Therapist

What do you love about Body Beautiful Retreat? 
I’ve proudly created a place like no other – a vision where skin & beauty meets connection. Body Beautiful Retreat is the coming together of bespoke skin & beauty treatments, soulful conversations, self-care & self-love. A safe place where clients are seen, heard and respected.

Fav BBR Treatment: 
Our leading DMK Facials where the results are like no other. I love guiding and educating clients to having a healthy, functioning skin. I also love the instant results we get through Vivace RF microneedling. These two modalities are really second to none!

Can’t live without Skin or Beauty Product: 
Impossible to choose just one… Jane Iredale Pure pressed mineral powder, DMK Wetter than water, Firmatrix, Eye web, Regul8 relax and herbal pigment oil. 

Guilty Pleasure: 
Cadbury chocolate, hot chips and kombucha.

Christie – Beauty Therapist | Body Beautiful Retreat | Brisbane

Christie – Manager & Dermal Therapist

Currenty studying 1st year Clinical Esthetician

What do you love about Body Beautiful Retreat?
It’s such a beautiful working environment. We’re constantly nurtured and provided with additional training – which helps us as therapists provide the best experience for our beautiful clients.

Fav BBR Treatment:
Nothing compares to our Enzyme therapy facials, combining results with relaxation. Enzyme therapy gives a noticeable change to your skin after the very first treatment and what's even better is we are not just treating the surface we are working much deeper to provide those long term results our clients are after. 

Can’t live without Skin or Beauty Product:
EFA's are my all time favourite product working internally to keep cells healthy and functioning at an optimal level to produce a youthful healthy natural glow. The other product I can't live with out is our direct delivery vitamin C which provides 3 forms of stabilised vitamin C helping to improve collagen, elastin and a beautiful natural healthy glow.

Guilty Pleasure:

Zarin – Beauty Therapist | Body Beautiful Retreat | Brisbane

Zarin – Clinical Esthetician 

What do you love about Body Beautiful Retreat?
There is so much I love. I love how comforting this space is and that it is balanced with the teams knowledge, passion and talent for achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Fav BBR Treatment:
By far my favourite treatments to receive and perform is the Vivace RF micro needling and the DMK Enzyme therapies. 

Can’t live without Skin or Beauty Product:
I love my DMK skincare routine and the ritual of self care, so narrowing it down to one product is hard for me. But I think Beta gel and direct delivery C serums are absolutely essential. 

Guilty Pleasure:
Food! Everything about it, eating, cooking, sharing it. It's my love language.

Samantha – Beauty Therapist | Body Beautiful Retreat

Samantha – Beauty Therapist

What do you love about Body Beautiful Retreat?
From the moment you walk in the door at BBR you instantly feel a sense of calm and an opportunity to take a breath and enter a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere. I love working with quality sourced products where formulations are strong, complex, and effective, accompanied with ongoing training to ensure our clients are walking away happy with in their own skin.

Fav BBR Treatment:
I am obsessed with the DMK facials!! The results are mind blowing especially the Enzyme Therapy treatment. You also can’t beat an amazing Lash Lift or Brow shape make those eyes pop. 

Can’t live without Skin or Beauty Product:
100% Jane Iredale Mineral foundation, Seba E oil, EFAs & DMK SPF. 

Guilty Pleasure:
Anything Savoury!! Especially a good cheeseboard.

Jamie-Lee – Beauty Therapist | Body Beautiful Retreat | Brisbane

Jamie-Lee – Dermal Therapist

What do you love about Body Beautiful Retreat?
Coming to work is my safe space.  The team of girls we have at BBR are my family and each day is filled with either laughs or tears, knowing we have each other's unconditional support and for that I am so grateful. Over the years I have created such a connection with each and every one of my clients. I have the ability to personalise the way that I treat them each visit and they are always grateful for this. I love that we are constantly learning and upskilling as a team, and this shines through to our clients and the results that we are able to achieve for them.  Mindset and team culture has been our focus at BBR over the past year and this has been helpful beyond words in the way that I approach my own personal struggles, as well as being able to support and guide my clients through whatever they might be going through.  I love the energy that we create for our clients each and every day, the attention to detail in the treatment room and the way we leave our clients feeling when they walk out the door is what makes BBR one of a kind. 

Fav BBR Treatment:
I have had the pleasure of working with DMK now for many years,  and the results we are able to achieve from the DMK Enzyme Therapy is unmatched. I love this treatment because it is the perfect combination of science based results and relaxation.  Our clients are always left educated, confident and excited about their next enzyme therapy treatment.  I also cannot go without mentioning our brow treatments.  Whether it is just a basic wax and tint or new tattooed eyebrows altogether, your brows truly shape your face and this can change someones confidence in a heartbeat. 

Can’t live without Skin or Beauty Product:
Without a doubt DMK's EFA's and Relax supplements.  We constantly preach to each and every one of our clients how important internal balance is in order to achieve glowing results on the outside.  Everything starts from within and these two products are the perfect cocktail to feed, balance and support your skin in a way that no topical product can.  I certainly notice when I go without them as I start getting a few little break outs here and there so absolutely no doubt these are two products I cannot live without. 

Guilty Pleasure:
I am on a new health kick this year and I am feeling so much better for it.  To indulge in chocolate or ice cream just makes me feel unwell and yucky for days so my new guilty pleasure would have to be seafood or a really good yummy salad. 

Our Team Values


At BBR family is everything. We are proud to have curated a safe space to connect and empathise with one another, to be our home away from home, where family and work life balance is supported by our sisterhood of working mothers.


Here at BBR we honor integrity, celebrate our authenticity and house a family of loyal, respectful team members and clients. A team bound together, initially through commonality creating a safe space for growth in trust, loyalty and respect. We endeavour to have our hearts and minds wide open. Where vulnerability becomes our strength and as we grow, have faith and trust that each and everyday will be better than the last.


Communication is at the forefront of our BBR culture. With communication comes a healthy balance of respect and trust between one another to make room for recognition, creating an incomparable sense of worthiness and love for ourselves. A judgement free space to express yourself openly with honesty knowing that each and everyone is always heard and seen when expressing oneself.


A BBR we are never complacent, our investment in knowledge and growth is unparalleled. A journey of growth here, is one filled with adventure, determination and fun. Allowing us to provide the perfect balance of results and relaxation with every treatment we do.


At BBR we are a collection of empathetic, understanding, supportive, gentle women with a calm and caring energy. We have an unspoken understanding with one another through energy, spirituality and unconditional love. A support system that cannot be measured which has created a place of love that has built us into a family not just a team.

Work with us

From time to time we search for beautiful souls to join our team in our Wilston Skin & Beauty salon. If you’d like to come and work with us, please reach out with a friendly note and your CV. We’d love to hear from you.