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The Importance of Consult Tools Like the Observ 520X

 Observ 520x Skin Scanner | Body Beautiful Retreat

All too often in our industry, the symptom is treated not the root cause and a

problem, condition or concern will keep occurring or may even worsen. Leaving clients

disheartened, out of pocket and losing confidence in the therapist/business.

At BBR clients come in for a treatment to target specific concerns such as, pigmentation, redness, acne, and ageing as a few examples, and through thorough consulting we can get a good overview of their concerns but can not always see full extent of the concern/issue with the naked eye, to give a true analysis of their condition.

But with an observation tool such as the Observ 520x Skin scanner, we can get a much more in depth understanding of what is causing the concern and to more accurately and holistically treat, track true progress and be able to give more honest timelines for treatments and results.

 Observ 520x Skin Scanner | Body Beautiful Retreat

Some of the aspects we can see with the different Observ 520X modes are:

  • Texture: This tells us the functioning of the acid mantle and if not how widespread the impairment is.

  • Pigmentation: If its inflammatory or UV damage how deep and prolific it is and this gives us the best ability to offer the most accurate and effective treatments to our clients.

  • Inflammation: This is the most important in my opinion as this helps us identify the internal organ disruptions triggering the conditions in the skin: Helping us to identify and treat holistically.

  • PP (skins future predictions): We can Identify the glycation and wrinkle depth, look at pore structures and identify hyperkeratosis.

  • CP (See how well the capillary network functions): Allows us to look deeper into the skin and see the root course of reactivity, rosacea, couperose and other inflammatory markers including pigmentation.

  • UV: Living in the southern hemisphere this mode is vital to ascertain how sun damages a skin is and any pigment not yet surfaced( freckles, chloasma etc), pore health and Post inflammatory pigmentation disorder, Scar tissue growth, How fast skin is degrading(connective tissue) and help project future skin issues.

  • Woods: While Woods lamps have been used in industry for a very long time an update on the technology was needed to truly determine the distribution of oil on the surface and the loss of structure to the under eye areas.

 Observ 520x Skin Scanner | Body Beautiful Retreat

With all of this Information available to us in 8 quick photos we can then create a much more accurate and in depth treatment plan, track progress not alway visible to the naked eye for our clients, to treat seen and not yet seen issues and help resolve the root cause of their skin concerns.

If you are disheartened and lost with the next steps for your skin concerns please contact us.

We use cutting edge technology, unsurpassed industry knowledge with scientifically proven treatments to achieve your skin goals.

Article written by Zarin Opel