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We’re a leading DMK skin salon. We know what it takes to create skin confidence and it all starts beneath the surface.

Enquire about your personalised skin revision package – bespoke DMK skin treatments and prescription skincare.

Skin Consultation

30 mins  |  $60

Let us get to know your skin and your skin goals. A 30-min personalised consultation with your DMK skin therapist. We’ll develop your bespoke skin treatment plan and skincare prescription for long-term skin health and happiness.

Includes a personalised take home information pack.

Skin Consultation investment is redeemable on product.

DMK Enzyme Facial – Body Beautiful Retreat – Brisbane

DMK Enzyme Therapy – Level 1

75 mins | $190

DMK Enzyme Therapy is a superior treatment used to strengthen the structural integrity of your skin.

Enzyme Therapy oxygenates and detoxifies your skin – using your own lymphatic and circulatory systems to achieve optimal skin function, for long-lasting skin health.

Includes a light pre-exfoliation. This treatment is suitable for people starting their journey to skin health.

DMK Enzyme Therapy – Level 2

90 mins | $250

DMK Enzyme Therapy and Advanced Exfoliation or Enzyme Therapy 2 and 3. It’s next-level Enzyme Therapy. A superior strengthening and anti-aging treatment that removes dead skin cells and rebuilds collagen and elastin.

DMK Enzyme Therapy – Level 3

90 mins | $300

DMK Enzyme Therapy and Double Exfoliation.

Level 3 is an advanced DMK treatment bespoke to your skin and part of your skin revision programme.

Instant Lift

90 mins | $300

Lift your skin to new heights. This 3-step muscle-banding treatment delivers breath-taking results. Desired by many and perfect for special occasions because of its instant lift and tightening qualities.

Includes a pre-exfoliation, increasing dermal hydration. Followed by a triple layering of Enzyme 1, 2 & 3. Your treatment is completed with a transdermal infusion comprised of skin-nourishing ingredients and nutrients – including vitamins, minerals and peptides.

Body Beautiful Retreat | Instant Face Lift | Brisbane Beauty Salon

DMK Peel

45 mins | $130

Reveal refreshed, youthful and radiant skin after only one treatment. This high-powered skin peel instantly improves skin moisture levels, while restoring clarity and luminosity.

Mini RP Peel

90 mins | $350

Let us introduce you to the RP / 6 Layer Peel with this Mini RP Peel. One layer of peel is applied, revealing soft, fresh and plump skin in 5-6 days.

RP / 6 Layer Peel

90 mins | $1,500

Remodel your skin. The RP / 6 Layer Peel is exactly how it reads – 6 layers of skin expertly peeled off to reveal the skin you’ve been waiting for.

This incredible treatment is recommended for sun-damaged skin that is ready to function, again, as healthy skin. Targeting fines lines, age-management, pigmentation, scarring and sun damage.

The RP / 6 Layer Peel is a 10-day process and includes two Enzyme Therapy treatments.

Peel Add-On

5 mins | $30

Ready to enhance the results of your facial? Our peels are designed to work with the natural chemistry of your skin and do so much more than remove the surface of your skin. Bespoke to your needs, we work with a beautiful range of peels to suit any skin tone, texture and condition.

Penzyme (Skin Needling & DMK Enzyme)

90 mins | $400

Experience the holy grail of skin therapy treatments. Combining DMK Enzyme Therapy and Skin Needling your skin will look and feel the freshest it’s ever been.

Transdermal Nutritional Facial

30 mins | $99
60 mins | $150

Your skin in our hands. Leave our skin sanctuary relaxed, grounded and with glowing skin.

The Transdermal Nutrition Facial is a relaxing and nourishing introduction to skin treatments – bespoke to your skin.

We begin by deeply cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Next, we soothe your skin with our signature massage before applying a corrective mask to replenish.

LED Therapy

45 mins | $90

Medical-grade wavelengths increase the body’s natural form of cellular energy - regenerating your skin cells, faster.

Finishing with a transfusion of DMK’s products for happy, healthy and nourished skin.

LED Therapy & Skin Peel

60 mins | $160

A customised peel tailored to your skin concerns, followed by the warmth of incredible LED Light Therapy.

Increase collagen, eliminate skin bacteria, reduce inflammation and improve skin tone and texture.

LED Therapy Add-On

30 mins | $50

Add to any of your facial treatments to intensify skin health and glow.

24 Karat Gold Eye Patches

15 mins | $25

Say goodbye to tired eyes with our 24 Karat Gold Eye Masks. Brighten, hydrate and plump your eye area. The perfect addition to your facial treatment.

Body Beautiful Retreat | 24 Karat Gold Eye Patches | Brisbane Beauty Salon

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