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Escape inside our sanctuary. Rest with us. Relax while you enjoy a Body Beautiful Retreat Pregnancy Treatment. Truly nourish your mind, body and soul.

Pregnancy Massage

60 mins | $200

Hello Mama to be.

Once you’re beyond the 1st Trimester – this is exactly where you’ll want to be. Cushioned on our comfy pregnancy massage table, which allows you to, safely, lie face-down while our expert hands tend to your tired back (we know, right?!)

The further along in your pregnancy you are – the more indulgent this massage becomes, because let’s face it – lying on your tummy at 8 ½ months pregnant is what dreams are made of.

This specialist massage treatment is tailored to your personal aches and pains during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Back Massage

30 mins | $120

Body Beautiful Retreat | 24 Karat Gold Eye Patches | Brisbane Beauty Salon

Soothing Foot Therapy

30 mins  |  $100

Soothe and revitalise tired and sore feet. Invigorate your senses and soles with our seasonal exfoliant to polish and refresh your skin while stimulating circulation. Sit back and let us work magic on releasing any heaviness in your feet and lower legs to provide total relaxation.

Pregnancy Glow Facial

60 mins | $220

A customised pregnancy-safe and breastfeeding-safe facial treatment to deliver your skin everything it is craving during this special season of your life.

Little Soul Pregnancy Ritual

90 mins | $250

Back Exfoliation
Pregnancy Back, Neck + Shoulder Massage
Skin Glow Facial
Soothing Foot Therapy

Radiant Glow Pregnancy Ritual

135 mins | $380

A beautiful ritual to enjoy pre or post pregnancy:
Pregnancy Back Massage
Pregnancy Glow Facial
Petite Pedicure
24 karat gold eye patches

DMK Medi Pedi – Body Beautiful Retreat – Brisbane

Pregnancy Sole Pedicure

75 mins | $140

Treat yourself or someone you care about to a beautifully pre-labor send-off with perfectly polished toenails with our ultra-soothing, luxurious spa inspired pedicure. Experience a luxe bubble bath foot soak with an uplifting foot and leg exfoliation. Nourishing oils and towels to soften and soothe dry feet. Skin and cuticles are tended to gently. Allow us to relieve any excess swelling in your feet and legs with a pregnancy safe lymphatic massage to send that water retention on its way. Finished off with the perfect polish.

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